BB&S LED Fixtures


BB&S Area 48 Color LED

Area 48 Color


The Area 48 Color, pictured above, is the most compact full-color LED panel on the market.  Delivering precise color rendition as well as clean white light (97+ CRI/TLCI) from 2700-5600°K, Area 48 Color fixtures can provide output comparable to a 1500W Tungsten soft light.  Flicker-free with super-fast synced strobe ability, the Area 48 Color can be controlled via touchscreen or DMX for maximum flexibility.


BB&S Force 7 Leko LED fixture

Force 7 Leko 


The Force 7 combines high output and excellent color (97+ CRI/TLCI) with exceptional projection rendering.  When used with high-quality leko optics like ETC's EDLT lenses, the Force 7 provides even edge-to-edge lighting, crisp gobo projection, and clean, straight cuts from the beam shapers.  Low power (185W), extremely quiet, flicker-free dimming, and DMX controllable.


BB&S Compact Beamlight LED fixture

Compact Beamlight


The collimator lens of the Compact Beamlights focuses up to 90% of the LED output to produce a high-intensity narrow beam with minimal spill. Using a design that eliminates a cooling fan, Compact Beamlights run silent while effectively dissipating heat.


All BB&S lights can be used individually on AC power, used with the BB&S 4-Way Controller, or powered with a 14.4 VDC Battery.


BB&S LED fixtures

Name Daily Rate Weekly Rate
BBS Force 7 Leko 5600K 115 230
BBS Compact Beamlight 7 degree 2700K 25 50
BBS Compact Beamlight 7 degree 3000K 25 50
BBS Compact Beamlight 7 degree 5600K 25 50
BBS Compact Beamlight 14 degree 3000K 25 50
BBS Compact Beamlight 14 degree 5600K 25 50
BBS 4-Way Controller with DMX 40 80
BBS Area 48 Color LED RGBWW Kit 95 190


BB&S Compact Beamlights and Force 7 Leko fixtures are excellent units to use with the Cine Reflect Lighting System.