Cine Reflect Lighting System

Cine Reflect Lighting System 1-meter reflectors


The Lightbridge Cine Reflect Lighting System offers cinematographers a new and unique lighting tool.  These precision reflectors eliminate spill light, distributing light exactly where you need it - providing control over diffused light with reduced need for flags and frames on set.  Further, there's absolutely no change to the reflected color of the light, making them ideal for extending or re-directing practical and environmental light sources.

CRLS reflectors come in four different levels of diffusion:

    • Diffusion 1 (black) - Hard circular ray of light
    • Diffusion 2 (blue) - Medium circular ray of diffused light
    • Diffusion 3 (violet) -  Soft circular ray of diffused light
    • Diffusion 4 (white) - Maximum diffused reflection

And five sizes:

    • 7cm (2.7 inches)
    • 15cm (6 inches)
    • 25cm (10 inches)
    • 50cm (20 inches)
    • 1 meter (40 inches)

The C-Kit 100, seen above, comes with two 40" reflectors, with a different grade of diffusion on each side.  C-Kit 100 datasheet.

The C-Kit Drive, pictured below, is a complete set of smaller reflectors from 2.7" to 20" with mounting hardware in one easily-transported rolling case.  C-Kit Drive datasheet.

CRLS C-Drive kit


Cine Reflect Lighting System Kits

Name Daily Rate Weekly Rate
CRLS C-GO  110


CRLS C-Kit Drive 180 360
CRLS C-Kit 100 205 410


CRLS reflectors will work with any lighting fixture; we've found they work best with these sources:

    • BB&S Compact Beam Lights and Force 7
    • ETC Source 4 with EDLT lenses
    • K5600 Jo-Leko with ETC EDLT lenses
    • The sun.