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Grip Packages

Grip package on Duz-All and sand bag carts

Our convenient grip gear bundles, from large to compact, can be modified to suit your production. See our grip packages.



Row of film stands

You need to put a thing on a thing. These are the things you use to hold up those things. We have so many stands.


Flags, Frames, and Lighting Control

Set of flags and nets

Block the light. Soften the light. I don't know, just, make it different somehow. Go to lighting control.


Dollies, Sliders, and Jibs

Losmandy jib and spider dolly on track

When you need that camera move to be just right, use the right tool for the job. See our camera movement options.


Clamps and Hardware

A pile of various clamps.

How many different types of clamps can there be, anyway? Oh, you have no idea. See clamps and grip hardware.


Speed Rail and Rigging

Speed Rail aluminum pipe

Technically it's 1¼" Schedule 40 aluminum pipe, with an inner diameter of 1¼ inches and an outer diameter of 1⅝ inches – but most everyone calls it Speed Rail. See our speed rail and rigging hardware.

* Speed-RailĀ® is a registered trademark of The Hollaender Manufacturing Company.


Apple Boxes and Wood Products

Wood Products

If apple boxes did not exist, it would be necessary to invent them. See wood products.


Sandbags and Weights

Sand bags and plate weights

Last, but not least. What would we do without sandbags? Probably watch our equipment fall over a lot more, I suppose. Jump to weight and sand.



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