Clamps and Hardware

We're always picking up new types of grip hardware – talk to us if you don't see what you need!


Cardellini Center Jaw right angle

Though the sheer variety of different clamps might be overwhelming at first, think of the possibilities – you can attach any one thing to almost any other thing.

Available clamp-y bits
Grip Clips #1
Grip Clips #2
Grip Clips #3
C-Clamp 4" with Baby Pin
C-Clamp 6"
C-Clamp 6" with Baby Pin
C-Clamp 6" with Junior Receiver
C-Clamp 8"
C-Clamp 8" with Baby Pin
C-Clamp 8" with Junior Receiver
C-Clamp 10"
C-Clamp 10" with Baby Pin
C-Clamp 10" with Junior Receiver
C-Clamp 12" with Baby Pin
C-Clamp 12" with Junior Receiver
Speed C-Clamp ⅝" Baby
Speed Rail C-Clamp
Speed Rail C-Clamp Deep Jaw
Furniture Clamp 6" with Baby Pin
Furniture Clamp 12" with Baby Pin
Furniture Clamp 18" with Baby Pin
Furniture Clamp 24" with Baby Pin
9.Solutions ⅝" Gag Closed
9.Solutions ⅝" Gag Open
⅝" Rod Clamp with Baby Pin
Chain Vise with Baby Pin
9.Solutions Barracuda Clamp
Big Bite Clamp
Cardellini Clamp 3" Jaw End
Cardellini Clamp 4" Jaw End
Cardellini Clamp 5" Jaw End
Cardellini Clamp Double Spud 2"
Cardellini Clamp Jaw Center 2" Long
Cardellini Clamp Jaw Center 3" Long
Cardellini Clamp Jaw End - 2"
Duck Bill Clamp
Gaffer Clamp
Grid Clamp - ⅜″ Female Thread
Grid Clamp - Baby + Junior Receiver
Grid Clamp - Baby Pin
Grid Clamp - Flat Swivel Plate
Grid Clamp - Junior Pin
Grid Clamp - Junior Receiver
Grid Clamp 1¼″ Female Crossover
Grid Clamp ⅜″ Male Thread
Grid Clamp to 1¼″ Female Tee
Grid Clamp with Ear
Grip Head Snap 90°
Grip Head Snap In
Pipe Clamp with Baby Pin
Pipe Clamp with Junior Receiver
Kupo Super Clamp 4"
Kupo Super Clamp 9"
Mafer Clamp
 Mafer Snap-In Baby Pin
 Mafer Right Angle Snap-In Baby Pin
 Mafer J Hook
Double Mafer Clamp
Mini Cardellini Clamp - ¼" female thread
Mini Cardellini Clamp - ⅜" male thread
Mini "Matthellini" Cardellini-style Clamp
MP-9 Modern Clamp
Nerd Clamp – Hi-hat to Ladder
9.Solutions Python Clamp with ⅝" Pin
9.Solutions Savior Clamp
9.Solutions Savior Clamp Mini
9.Solutions Savior Clamp with Socket
9.Solutions Savior Spring Clamp Mini
Tree Branch Holder
Uni-Body Pinch Clamp Tie Down
Uni-Body Pinch Clamp to ⅜″ Male Thread



General Grip Hardware


While much of our grip hardware is listed below, there might be a few things we missed. If you need it, we probably have itcontact us to get a definitive answer.

Hardware list
Modern Pin (⅜" to Baby Pin)
Baby 90° Pin
Baby Offset Arm Adjustable
⅝" Rod Clamp with Baby Pin
Baby Receiver to Junior Receiver
Baby Cheater Pin
Concave Baby Plate
Double Gobo Head
Jumbo Double Gobo Head
Baby Offset Double Header
⅝" Baby Double Receiver
Foamcore Fork
⅝″ Cross
5" Baby Grip Arm Pin
Gel Frame Holder Add-An-Ear
Double Bulb Holder
Quadruple Bulb Holder
Nail-on Plate - Baby EZ finger
Nail-on Plate - 12"
Nail-on Plate - 3" Baby Pin
Nail-on Plate - 6" Baby Pin
Baby Offset Arm
Nail-on Plate - Baby 90° 7"
Nail-on Plate - Baby 90° 2"
Putty Knife w/ Baby Pin
Baby Pin Painter Pole Adapter
Baby Receiver to ⅜" Male Thread
Light Socket to Baby Pin Adapter
Nail-on Plate - Baby Swivel
⅝" to ⅜" Pin Adapter
T8 Bulb Holder
Baby Offset Triple Header
Baby Telescoping Riser Large
Baby Telescoping Riser Medium
Baby Telescoping Riser Small
Baby Pipe Clamp
Junior Receiver Pipe Clamp
4" x 5" Cheese Plate
Grip Cheeseball Large
Grip Cheeseball Small with 15mm Support
Digital Camera Starter
Baby Corner
Gobo Head
Drop Ceiling Scissor Clip with Baby Pin
Drop Ceiling Scissor Clip with Cable Hook
Nail-on Plate - D-Ring
Foamcore Holder
Junior to Combo Adapter
Foamcore Holder Large
Magic Arm
Magic Finger with ⅝" Adapter
Foamcore Holder Mini
Magic Finger with Snap-in Hex
Nerd Clamp
Nail On Plate with ⅜" Female Thread
½" Pulley
⅝" Pulley
Superflex Arm Snap-in
Scrim Flag Adapter
2x4 Wall Spreader
Junior Riser 36"
⅜" Spinning Gag
Junior 45° Adapter
90° JR Pin
Junior Offset Arm Adjustable
Junior to Baby Pin Adapter
Concave Junior Plate
Junior 45° Drop Down
Double Junior Pin
Junior Grip Head
Junior Grip Saver
Junior Boom
Nail-on Plate - Junior Pin
Nail-on Plate - Junior Receiver
Junior Offset Arm
1¼" Spinning Gag
Trapeze Junior
T-Bone Junior
Knuckle Head
50ft Rope ½"
Safety Chains
Baby Corner 3-Way
Speed Rail Wall Spreader System
12" Tent Stakes
24" Tent Stakes
36" Tent Stakes
42" Tent Stakes
Round Body Starter ⅜″ Male Thread
4' Step Ladder - Single Side
4' Step Ladder - Double Sided
6' Step Ladder - Single Sided
6' Step Ladder - Double Step
8' Step Ladder - Single Side
8' Step Ladder - Double Sided
10' Step Ladder - Single Sided
10' Step Ladder - Double Sided
12' Step Ladder - Single Sided
12' Step Ladder - Double Sided
24' Extension Ladder
Ratchet Strap
Furniture Pad
Kneeling Pad - Small
Kneeling Pad - Large
Bungee Cord
Tarp Clip
10" x 10" Cheese Plate
Speed Rail Nail Plate



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