Speed Rail and Rigging

There's more than one way to slice a pizza, and even more ways to use speed rail. Get in touch and we'll get your hardware sorted!

Speed Rail

1¼" Pipe

Aluminum pipes

It's 1¼" Schedule 40 aluminum pipe – a.k.a. speed rail.

Available Lengths
20 ft
16 ft
12 ft
10 ft
8 ft
6 ft
5 ft
4 ft
3 ft
2 ft
1 ft
Custom lengths – Contact us



Hardware for Speed Rail

A collection of speed rail hardware.

"This is where the fun begins." – Anakin Skywalker

Speed Rail hardware
Cheeseboro Non-Swivel
Cheeseboro Swivel
Grid Clamp - Junior Pin
Grid Clamp - Junior Receiver
Grid Clamp - Baby & Junior Receiver
Grid Clamp with Baby Telescoping Arm
Grid Clamp - Baby Pin
Grid Clamp to 1¼" Female Tee
Grid Clamp with Ear
Grid Clamp - Flat Swivel Plate
Grid Clamp - Baby + Junior Receiver
Grid Clamp - ⅜" Female Thread
Grid Clamp ⅜" Male Thread
Grid Clamp 1¼" Female Crossover
Hollaender 1¼" Cross Fitting
Hollaender 1¼" Modified Cross
Hollaender 1¼" Elbow
Hollaender 1¼" Flange Base
Hollaender 1¼" Horizontal / Wall Flange
Hollaender 1¼" Offset Cross
Hollaender 1¼" Side Outlet Elbow
Hollaender 1¼" Swivel
Hollaender 1¼" Tee
Pipe Cap to Baby Pin
Pipe JR Adapter to 1¼"
1¼" to Baby ⅝" Pipe Cross
1¼" Pipe to Junior Pin Adapter
1¼" Pipe Truss Mini Base
1¼" Pipe Truss Mini Corner
1¼" Pipe Truss Mini Adapter With Ear
1¼" Pipe Truss Mini Fitting
1¼" Pipe with ⅜" Female Thread
1¼" Pipe with ⅜" Male Thread
1¼" Pipe Boom Kit a.k.a. Menace Arm
1¼" Over / Under Pipe Boom Kit a.k.a. Double Menace Arm
1¼" Pipe Corner Mini
1¼" Pipe Frame Corner
1¼" Pipe Rocker Receiver Plate
1¼" Pipe Tee Receiver
1¼" 45° Pipe Receiver
Pipe Cap D-Ring
Pipe Frame 1¼" Sleeve Coupler
Speed Rail Starter with Baby Receiver
3.5" Speed Rail Starter
5" Speed Rail Starter
8" Speed Rail Starter
1¼" Speed Clip Black
1¼" Slider D-Ring



* Speed-RailĀ® is a registered trademark of The Hollaender Manufacturing Company.


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