Vehicle Rigging

We're always picking up new types of hardware – talk to us if you don't see what you need!

For gimbal arms and stabilizers, see also Camera Support – Gimbals.


Vehicle mounts

Modern Deluxe Hood Mount

Car hood mount


Modern Deluxe Hostess Tray

Car hood mount


MSE Brauer Hostess Tray Kit

Car hood mount


Bungee Cam Rig




Car Rigging Hardware

Suction Cups – 10", 6", 3", and more

10 inch suction cup

small suction cup with Cinemilled plate

large suction cup with Cinemilled plate


Cinemilled Houdini Clamps

Cinemilled Houdini clamp


G-Force Grip / 9.Solutions

9 dot solutions double gag clamp

9.Solutions and G-Force Grip offer a number of grip solutions that are advantageous for car rigging, among them:

  • Closed 5/8" Gag
  • 5/8" Gag Dual Knob
  • 5/8" Gag Open Side
  • 5/8 Rod Set from 6" - 40"
  • Triangular Cheese Plate


Starters and Other Vehicle Hardware

Uni-body pinch clamp

Our vehicle rigging hardware includes:

  • Large and Mini Ball Leveling Mounts
  • Body Starter Round to 3/8" male
  • Body Starter 10mm to 3/8" Male
  • Body Starter 8mm to 3/8" Male
  • Body Starter 6mm to 3/8" Male
  • Uni-Body Pinch Clamp Tie Down
  • Uni-Body Pinch Clamp to 3/8″ Male Thread
  • Speed Rail Starter with Baby Receiver
  • Speed Rail Starter 5"
  • Speed Rail Starter 8"
  • Mini Pinch Clamp
  • Camera Rod Starter
  • Digital Camera Starter



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