Vehicle Rigging

We're always picking up new types of hardware – talk to us if you don't see what you need!

For gimbal arms and stabilizers, see also Camera Support – Gimbals.


Vehicle mounts

Modern Deluxe Hood Mount

Car hood mount


Modern Deluxe Hostess Tray

Car hood mount


MSE Brauer Hostess Tray Kit

Car hood mount



Car Rigging Hardware

Suction Cups – 10", 6", 3", and more

10 inch suction cup

small suction cup with Cinemilled plate

large suction cup with Cinemilled plate


Cinemilled Houdini Clamps

Cinemilled Houdini clamp


G-Force Grip / 9.Solutions

9 dot solutions double gag clamp

9.Solutions and G-Force Grip offer a number of grip solutions that are advantageous for car rigging, among them:

  • Closed 5/8" Gag
  • 5/8" Gag Dual Knob
  • 5/8" Gag Open Side
  • 5/8 Rod Set from 6" - 40"
  • Triangular Cheese Plate


Starters and Other Vehicle Hardware

Uni-body pinch clamp

Our vehicle rigging hardware includes:

  • Large and Mini Ball Leveling Mounts
  • Body Starter Round to 3/8" male
  • Body Starter 10mm to 3/8" Male
  • Body Starter 8mm to 3/8" Male
  • Body Starter 6mm to 3/8" Male
  • Uni-Body Pinch Clamp Tie Down
  • Uni-Body Pinch Clamp to 3/8″ Male Thread
  • Speed Rail Starter with Baby Receiver
  • Speed Rail Starter 5"
  • Speed Rail Starter 8"
  • Mini Pinch Clamp
  • Camera Rod Starter
  • Digital Camera Starter



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