Weights and Wood Products

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Wood Products

Apple Boxes

A family of apple box sizes.

Apple Box sizes
Full size Mini (half length)
Full Apple Box Mini Full Apple
Half Apple Box Mini Half Apple
Quarter Apple Box Mini Quarter Apple
Pancake Apple Box Mini Pancake
Nested Apple Box Family
 Half slightly reduced size
 Quarter slightly reduced size
 Pancake slightly reduced size
Padded Seat Covers for Apple Boxes
New York


Other Wood Products

Matthews BabySittr example.

List of wood products
Matthews BabySittr
Crate of Cribbing 1x3
Crate of Cribbing 2x4
Crate of Wedges
Crate of Camera Wedges
Cup Blocks - Set of 6
Cup Blocks - Set of 12
Stair Blocks - Set of 4
Elephant Blocks Set



Sandbags and Weights

A 35-pound sand bag.

Sand and Shot Bags

Available weights
Sand Bag 35 lbs.
Sand Bag 20 lbs.
Sand Bag 15 lbs.
Sand Bag 10 lbs.
Shot Bag 35 lbs.
Shot Bag 25 lbs.
Shot Bag 15 lbs.
Shot Bag 5 lbs.
Tent Sand Bag 20 lbs.
Fly Away Fillable Sand Bag 20 lbs.


Plate Weights

For 1" diameter mounting.

25 lbs.
10 lbs.
5 lbs.
2.5 lbs.



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