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High output. Low heat and power. Full color. Wireless control. Instant dimming. LEDs have all kinds of advantages. See our LED fixtures.



HMI globe centered in reflector

When you need a lot of light from a single source, there's still nothing that outshines HMI fixtures. Go to HMIs.



Tungsten light filament

With its perfect color and skin tone rendition, tungsten lighting is the standard to which all other lights are compared. Go to our Tungsten page.


DMX and Effects

DMX touchscreen controls

Need to sync an effects fan to a lighting gag? Dim a dozen lights at once, wirelessly? See our DMX and Effects page.


Chimeras and Snap Bags

Snapgrid over diffusion

Fast and easy light modifiers for almost any lighting fixture. See Chimeras and Snap Bags.


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