Chimeras and Snap Bags

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Chimera light bank group

Chimera products have set the quality standard for motion-picture light modifiers for over 30 years. Easy to transport and quick to set up, with the right speed ring almost any combi­nation of light bank and fixture is possible. Each light bank includes multiple types of diffusion material to further shape the quality of light.

Light bank Size Maximum Wattage
OctaPlus 5 5' across 3200W
OctaPlus 7 - add-on for OctaPlus 5 7' across 3200W
Quartz Plus Large 54" x 72" 12000W
Quartz Plus Medium 36" x 48" 6000W
Video Pro Plus Medium 36" x 48" 1200W
Video Pro Plus Small 24" x 32" 1000W
Video Pro Plus Extra Small 16" x 22" 750W
Video Pro Plus Extra Extra Small 12" x 16" 500W
Pancake Lantern Medium 35" across 1500W
Standard Lantern 30" 30" across 1000W
Standard Lantern 20" 20" across 650W
We have speed rings for practically all our lights – talk to us about what you need for your shoot!


Snap Grids

Snap Grid on Vortex8

Almost instant setup! DoP Choice Snapgrids control the spread of light from standard-size Chimeras and Snapbags. Snapgrids are also available for specific lighting fixtures.

Description To Fit
30° or 40° 4' x 4' 48" diffusion frame
40° Octa 5 5' Octagon lightbanks
40° Large Large Chimera or Snapbag
40° Medium Medium Chimera or Snapbag
40° Small Small Chimera or Snapbag
40° XSmall Extra Small Chimera or Snapbag
40° 4' Single 4-foot single LED tube
40° 2' Single 2-foot single LED tube
Vortex8 40° Creamsource Vortex8 LED
Litemat 4 40° Litemat 4 LED
Litemat 2L 40° Litemat 2L LED
Litemat 2 40° Litemat 2 LED
Litemat 1 40° Litemat 1 LED


Snap Bags

Snapbag on LED fixture

Made specifially for LEDs, DoP Choice Snapbags are light weight and snap into shape right out of the bag. Rabbit Ears can adapt a standard Snapbag to a variety of LED lighting fixtures.

Rabbit Ears mounts are available for: 1x1 and 2x1 LED panels – Cineo Standard, Creamsource Vortex8, Skypanel, Aputure Nova, etc. 2x1 Rabbit Ears SRADA for dual Aputure 600D is also available. See our LEDs page.
Light Bank Size
Snapbag Octa 5 5' across
Snapbag Medium 33" x 45"
Snapbag Area 48 15" x 20"
Snapbag Flyer 1 17" x 17"


Bowens-mount and LED Modifiers

The Bowens mount on an LED softbox

What's old is new again, and the Bowens S mount lives on as versatile "standard" mount for low-heat LED fixtures that have COB-type emitters in monolight-style bodies.

We generally try to match LED modifiers with their intended fixtures from the same manufacturer, though the wide adoption of the Bowens mount makes it possible to mix and match. Have a look at our LED lights, and ask us if you have any questions!
Light Bank Diffusion Shape Size
Aputure Light Dome Mini & Mini II round, flat 21.5" (54.5cm)
Aputure Light Dome II round, flat 34.8" (88.5cm)
Aputure Light Dome 120 round, flat 47" (120cm)
Aputure Light Dome 150 round, flat 59" (150cm)
Aputure Lantern 90 lantern (sphere) 36" (90cm) width
27" (70cm) height
Aputure Octodome 120 octagon, flat 47" (120cm)
Prolycht Dome Softbox round, flat 36" (90cm)
Prolycht Lantern lantern (sphere) 25" (64cm)
Chimera Speed Ring for Bowens Any size Chimera, including OctaPlus



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