Chimeras and Snap Bags

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Chimera light bank group

Chimera products have set the quality standard for motion-picture light modifiers for over 30 years. Easy to transport and quick to set up, with the right speed ring almost any combi­nation of light bank and fixture is possible. Each light bank includes multiple types of diffusion material to further shape the quality of light.

Light bank Size Maximum Wattage
OctaPlus 5 5' across 3200W
OctaPlus 7 - add-on for OctaPlus 5 7' across 3200W
Quartz Plus Large 54" x 72" 12000W
Quartz Plus Medium 36" x 48" 6000W
Video Pro Plus Medium 36" x 48" 1200W
Video Pro Plus Small 24" x 32" 1000W
Video Pro Plus Extra Small 16" x 22" 750W
Video Pro Plus Extra Extra Small 12" x 16" 500W
Pancake Lantern Medium 35" across 1500W
Standard Lantern 30" 30" across 1000W
Standard Lantern 20" 20" across 650W
We have speed rings for practically all our lights – talk to us about what you need for your shoot!


Snap Grids

Snap Grid on Vortex8

Almost instant setup! DoP Choice Snapgrids control the spread of light from standard-size Chimeras and Snapbags. Snapgrids are also available for specific lighting fixtures.

Description To Fit
30° or 40° 4' x 4' 48" diffusion frame
40° Octa 5 5' Octagon lightbanks
40° Large Large Chimera or Snapbag
40° Medium Medium Chimera or Snapbag
40° Small Small Chimera or Snapbag
40° XSmall Extra Small Chimera or Snapbag
40° 4' Single 4-foot single LED tube
40° 2' Single 2-foot single LED tube
Vortex8 40° Creamsource Vortex8 LED
Litemat 4 40° Litemat 4 LED
Litemat 2L 40° Litemat 2L LED
Litemat 2 40° Litemat 2 LED
Litemat 1 40° Litemat 1 LED


Snap Bags

Snapbag on LED fixture

Made specifially for LEDs, DoP Choice Snapbags are light weight and snap into shape right out of the bag. Rabbit Ears can adapt a standard Snapbag to a variety of LED lighting fixtures.

Rabbit Ears mounts are available for: 1x1 and 2x1 LED panels – Cineo Standard, Creamsource Vortex8, Skypanel, Aputure Nova, etc. 2x1 Rabbit Ears SRADA for dual Aputure 600D is also available. See our LEDs page.
Light Bank Size
Snapbag Octa 5 5' across
Snapbag Medium 33" x 45"
Snapbag Area 48 15" x 20"
Snapbag Flyer 1 17" x 17"



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