Camera Movement: Dollies, Sliders, and Jibs

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Intel-A-Jib Pro

Intel-A-Jib side view

Details and Pricing
List Price Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Intel-A-Jib Pro $175 $350


Cartoni JibO

JibO side view

Details and Pricing
List Price Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Cartoni JibO $125 $250




All-In-One Sliders – Cinevate, Silent Cat


Self-contained sliders are portable, rigid, and quick to set up. Their fixed length makes them perfect for short camera movements.

Slider options
List Price Silent Cat 4' Cinevate
Horizen 4'
Horizen 5'
Daily rate $175 $65 $80
Weekly rate $525 $195 $240
Specifications Silent Cat 4' Horizen 4' Horizen 5'
Travel 38" 30" 45"
Load Capacity 160 lbs. (72.5 kg) 100 lbs. (45 kg) 100 lbs. (45 kg)
Sider base
(to tripod)
Mitchell flat or 100mm flat or 100mm
Camera base
(for tripod head)
100mm or 150mm
100mm bowl 100mm bowl


Speed Rail / Track Sliders – Dana Dolly, RCG, Solid Grip

Dana Dolly slider platform

Speed rail sliders can be as long as the rails you bring – up 20 feet in length.

Slider options
List Price Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Solid Grip Systems TwinDolly $175 $350
Dana Dolly $75 $150
 Dana Dolly curve track set $50 $100
RCG Slider $75 $150



Dollies and Camera Platforms

Camera Platforms

4-leg Spider Dolly setup with DV column

Camera platform options
List Price Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Losmandy Spider Dolly - 4-leg kit with center column $150 $300
Losmandy Spider Dolly - 3-leg basic kit $50 $100
 Losmandy Flex Track $50 $100
Digital Juice Orbit Dolly $55 $110


Doorway Dolly

Doorway dolly with 4-wheel steering

Dolly options
List Price Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Doorway Dolly with 4-Wheel Steering $35 $70
 Porta-Glide Dolly Sleds $35 $70
Doorway Dolly with 2-Wheel Steering $25 $50
 Skate Wheel Set $25 $50

Dolly Track Segments
10 feet
8 feet
6 feet
4 feet
2 feet
45° curve
90° curve


Digital Juice Orbit Dolly

Digital Juice Orbit Dolly


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