Honda – EU2200i, EU3000iS, and EU7000iS

Honda EU7000iS generator

Honda EU-series generators are the industry standard for reliable portable power. The range, from the suitcase-sized 2200i to the 60A Bates-modified 7000iS, can support a variety of power needs.

All our generators are supplied with gas can and fire extinguisher. Gasoline is not provided; renters are responsible for providing fuel.

Important note: The Honda Eu7000iS will not fit inside a car or SUV. We will not help you attempt to load a generator into an inappropriate vehicle. The cage and wheels of the EU7000iS cannot be removed.

Details and Specifications
Accessories EU2200i EU3000iS EU7000iS
Included Fire extinguisher
Gas can
Twist-lock to Edison adapter
Fire extinguisher
Gas can
60A Bates connector
25ft Bates cable
Edison snack box
Fire extinguisher
Gas can
Optional Parallel operation cable
Specifications EU2200i EU3000iS EU7000iS
Dimensions 20" (L)
12" (W)
17" (H)
32" (L)
20" (W)
27" (H)
40" (L)
26" (W)
41" (H)
Weight 56 lbs. 160 lbs. 350 lbs.
Maximum power
(constant load)
15A / 1800W 23A / 2800W 45A / 5500W
Maximum power
(temporary peak)
18A / 2200W 25A / 3000W 58A / 7000W
Starter Pull cord Electric Electric
Noise level 57 dB 57 dB 58 dB
Fuel Gasoline



Stingers and Distro

Edison-plug Stingers

Film stinger with edison plug and socket

Available in 25ft, 50ft, and 100ft lengths. 

We carry all the usual accessories – cube taps, ground lifters, GFCIs, and more.

Bates Cable

3-wire banded cable with 60A Bates connectors

We have Bates cable in 60A and 100A varieties, in lengths of 25ft and 50ft, along with lunch boxes, snack boxes, and splitters.


5-wire banded cable with Cam-lock connectors

600A distro box and #2/5 banded cable available.




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