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Arri fresnel front

Arri's tungsten fresnels have been refined and evolved over many years to meet the diverse needs of almost any professional production. 650W and lower fixtures are available in kits of 3 or 4 which include light-duty stands and a dedicated transport case.

Details and Pricing
Fixture Wattage Lens size Beam angle List Price
5K Junior 5000W 250mm (~10") 11° to 52° $60/day
ST2 2000W 250mm (~10") 8° to 56° $27/day
ST1 1000W 175mm (~7") 8° to 53° $18/day
T2 2000W 175mm (~7") 12° to 57° $25/day
T1 1000W 150mm (~6") 10° to 54° $16/day
650+ 650W 112mm (~4.5") 12° to 52° $13/day
300+ 300W 80mm (~3") 14° to 53° $13/day
150 150W 50mm (~2") 14° to 42° $13/day

Kits (choice of 150, 300, 650) List Price
Arri 4-light kit $90/day
Arri 3-light kit $75/day


K5600 Blackjack 500W Tungsten Back

K5600 Blackjack 500W Tungsten Back

Included in the Blackjack 400 HMI kit.



Ellipsoidal and Parabolic

ETC Source Four

ETC Source Four

The Source Four is practically a legend in its own right. Placed within its highly tuned reflector, the 750W HPL lamp provides maximum punch for its wattage. Lenses range from 5° to 50°; integrated shutter blades combined with optional iris or pattern holder means sharp light ends up only where you want it.

Available lenses
ETC Source Four lens tubes are also used with K5600 Jo-leko 800 and 1600 setups, as well as BBS Force 7 LED fixtures.
Beam Angle
50° EDLT
36° EDLT
26° EDLT
19° EDLT


ETC Source 4 PAR EA

ETC S4 Par

The Source Four PAR is a compact 750W parabolic fixture that packs maximum punch into a minimal package. Includes set of wide, medium, narrow, and very narrow spot lenses.



Open face

ARRILITE Plus – 750W, 2000W

Arrilite 750+ head

By utilizing Arri's MAX faceted parabolic reflector, the Arrilite Plus fixtures achieve higher output and better focusing than previous open-face fixtures.

  Arrilite 750+ Arrilite 2000+
List Price $20/day $16/day
Speed ring built-in optional
Beam angle 21° to 73° 24° to 63°
Weight (head only) 4 lbs (2 kg) 7 lbs (3 kg)


Barger Baglite 6-Lite V2

Barger Baglite v2 6-light fixture

With built-in mounting points for medium and large Chimera light banks, the Barger Lite is the foundation of an ideal soft source. Six 650W lamps can be switched on or off individually, and power can be split across three separate outlets for location work.



Lanterns and Others

K5600 Joker² 2K Tungsten Back

2K conversion on Joker2 1600

Converts the Joker² 1600 HMI into a 2000W tungsten head, with all the available accessories and configuration choices of the Joker² system.


Chimera Triolet

Chimera Triolet with dome

With a quick-release speed ring that makes already fast Chimera light banks even more quick to use, the Triolet is compatible with three different bulb bases, and lamps up to 1000W.

Chimera Triolet  
List Price $20/day
Wattage up to 1000W
Bulb bases E26 (Edison)
E39 (Mogul)
2-pin GY9.5



Lanternlock with lantern on stand

A simple and sturdy solution for paper lanterns. Available for 12", 17.5", and 24" lantern diameters.

Each fixture includes mogul to E26 adapter.
Size Socket Maximum Wattage
12" Mogul (E39) 250W
17.5" Mogul (E39) 500W
24" Mogul (E39) 1000W



Help, I need tungsten to live! Tungsten! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTLYris4kJU

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