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Panel and Soft Lights

Aputure Nova P300c and P600c

Aputure Nova P300c and P600c fixtures

Aputure's Nova P300c and P600c utilize RGBWW LEDs for remarkable color rendition with full tunability. With high output in a compact design, Nova lights offer incredible value for any production.

Specifications P300c P600c
Panel surface dimensions 15.7" x 10.6" (40 x 27 cm) 21" x 11.2" (64 x 28.5 cm)
Power draw (120V AC) 4A / 360W 8A / 720W
CCT range  2000K - 10000K 
CRI / TLCI  95 
DMX / Wireless  Wired 5-pin XLR / Sidus Link app 
Rabbit Ears frame for DoP Choice Snap Bag
Barn doors  


BB&S – Area 48 Soft and Area 48 Color

BBS Area 48 Family

Area 48 fixtures provide the absolute best color quality in a compact LED panel. The Area 48 Soft uses remote phosphor panels for maximum quality, while the Area 48 Color utilizes RGBWW LEDs for full-spectrum control.

An optional 4-way mounting kit produces an incredible lighting output; DoP Choice Snap Bags are also available for individual units.

BBS Area 48 4-Way Kit

AREA 48 Specifications  
CCT range 3200K, 4300K, 5600K (Soft)
2200K-10000K (Color)
CRI / TLCI 98+ (Soft)
97+ (Color)
Power draw 122W (Soft)
185W (Color)
Voltage 100-240V AC; 12-20V DC (Soft)
100-240V AC; 48V DC (Color)
DMX 5-pin XLR


BB&S Flyer

BBS Flyer

Specifically designed for portable, boom-pole operation, the BB&S Flyer is compact, light weight, robust, and quick to set up and adjust.

Diffusion options include DoP Choice SnapBag, Flyball, and Flyball XL.

BB&S FLYER Specifications  
CCT range 3000K-6000K
Battery voltage 12-20V DC (Gold or V-mount)
Power draw 66W max.
Diffusion options dimensions
SnapBag (flat face) 17" x 17" x 11"
FlyBall lantern 18" x 18" x 12"
FlyBall XL lantern 24" x 24" x 17"


Cineo Standard 410

Cineo Standard 410

The 2x1 Standard 410 builds on Cineo's experience in manufacturing highly color-accurate lights, adding an extended RGB color gamut to stunningly good white light in tungsten or daylight modes.

Though it can be fully remote controlled via LumenRadio or traditional 5-pin DMX, the Standard 410 excels up close and in person: a photo-accurate dimming curve changes brightness according to camera stops; hue, saturation, and color temperature are instantly adjustable with individual push-button knobs. Its fanless design permits use in the most quiet rooms, even right next to talent.

Cineo Standard 410 Specifications  
CCT range 2700K - 6500K; full RGB
TLCI 98 (tungsten), 97 (daylight)
Power (110-240V AC) 3.7A / 410W maximum
DMX / Wireless Wired 5-pin XLR / LumenRadio CRMX
Standard 410 Accessories  
Rabbit Ears frame for DoP Choice Snap Bag


Creamsource Vortex8

Creamsource Vortex8

The Vortex8 is a versatile 2×1 RGBW system with CCT ranging from 2200K to 15000K that can be used as a hard punch light to bounce or push through diffusion, or as a soft light with the included dome or DoPchoice Snapbag. IP65 water resistant.

Creamsource Vortex8 Specifications  
CCT range 2200K - 15000K; full RGB
TLCI 98 (tungsten), 97 (daylight)
Power (110-240V AC) 3.7A / 410W maximum
DMX / Wireless Wired 5-pin XLR / LumenRadio CRMX
Vortex8 Accessories  
Rabbit Ears frame for DoP Choice Snap Bag


Creamsource Vortex4

Creamsource Vortex4

The Vortex4 is a versatile 1×1 RGBW system with CCT ranging from 2200K to 15000K that can be used as a hard punch light to bounce or push through diffusion, or as a soft light with the included dome or DoPchoice Snapbag. IP65 water resistant.

Creamsource Vortex4 Specifications  
CCT range 2200K - 15000K; full RGB
TLCI 98 (tungsten), 97 (daylight)
Power (110-240V AC) 2.7A / 325W maximum
DMX / Wireless Wired 5-pin XLR / LumenRadio CRMX
Vortex4 Accessories  
Rabbit Ears frame for DoP Choice Snap Bag


Creamsource Micro Colour – Gaffer Kit

Creamsource Micro Colour kit

The Micro Colour uses the same RGBW system as its larger siblings in the Creamsource lineup, with the same punchy 20° beam angle with options for further diffusion.

Creamsource Micro Colour  
CCT range 2200K - 15000K; full RGB
CRL / TLCI 95+
Power input 110-240V AC
Gold-mount, 10-32V DC
Power draw 80W maximum
Remote / DMX Wired remote accessory / Wired DMX adapter
Micro Colour Accessories  
Rabbit Ears frame for DoP Choice Snap Bag


DMG Lumière – MIX Series

DMG Lumière Mix Series LEDs by Rosco

The MIX series features a blend of six LEDs: Red + Lime + Green + Blue + Amber + White, enabling DMG MIX fixtures to generate a wide gamut of colors and create accurate matches to Rosco gel colors.

All MIX fixtures feature direct control with onboard panels, as well as remote control via LumenRadio wireless CRMX, or via Bluetooth through the myMIX app for Android and iOS devices. SL1 MIX, Mini MIX, and Maxi MIX also feature traditional wired control over 5-pin DMX or Art-Net over RJ45 ethernet.


Litemat Spectrum – 1, 2, 2L, 4

Litemat Spectrum 4 head

Lightweight, rig-anywhere LEDs with full control of RGB color, saturation, CCT, and matching camera spectrum. Spectrum OS2 adds pixel control for gradients across Litemat 2 and larger panels, plus a host of other features and usability improvements.

Litegear Litemat Spectrum  
Dimensions Litemat 1: 21" x 11.5"
Litemat 2: 21" x 21"
Litemat 2L: 40" x 11.5"
Litemat 4: 40" x 21"
CCT range 2,000K - 11,000K
CRI / TLCI 95+
Power draw Litemat 1: 50W
Litemat 2: 100W
Litemat 2L: 100W
Litemat 4: 200W
DMX / Wireless Wired 5-pin XLR / wireless DMX


Litepanels Astra 6x Bi-Color

Litepanels Astra 6x

One of the punchiest lightweight 1x1 LED panels around, the Astra 6x is a versatile workhorse on location shoots.

Litepanels Astra 6X  
CCT range 3200K - 5600K
CRI / TLCI 97+
Power input 100-240V AC, 13-24V DC
Gold or V-mount adapter included
Power draw 105W
DMX / Wireless Wired 5-pin XLR / wireless DMX



Directional and Focusable LEDs

Aputure 1200D Pro

Aputure 1200D


Available accessories include:
NOTE: Many existing Aputure and Bowens-mount accessories are NOT compatible with the 1200D due to the amount of heat! Please contact us if you have any questions.
LS 1200d Pro  
CCT 5600K
Power input 100-240V AC
48V DC in (half power)
dual 48V DC in (full power)
Power draw 15A / up to 1440W
DMX / Wireless Wired 5-pin XLR
Bluetooth Sidus Link, Art-Net, LumenRadio CRMX

Aputure 600D Pro

Aputure 600D


Available accessories include:
LS 600d Pro  
CCT 5600K
Power input 100-240V AC
Gold mount or V-mount batteries
Power draw 8A / up to 720W
DMX / Wireless Wired 5-pin XLR
Bluetooth Sidus Link, Art-Net, LumenRadio

Aputure LS300X

Aputure LS300X


Kit includes Hyper Reflector and Fresnel 2X
LS 300x  
CCT range 2700K - 6500K
Power input 100-240V AC
Power draw 3.5A / up to 350W
DMX / Wireless Wired 5-pin XLR
2.4GHz Remote, Bluetooth Sidus Link

Astera – AX10, AX9, AX5, PixelBrick

Astera AX and Pixelbrick lights

The AX series spotlights have all the advantages of Astera's advanced lighting system – AC or internal battery power with run-time adjustment; IP65 rated construction; and control via the Astera app, wireless DMX, or IR remote. A perfect complement to Astera tube LEDs.

  PixelBrick AX5 AX9 AX10
No. of Emitters 1 3 7 9
Power 15W 45W 105W 135W
Weight 2.5 lbs
(1.1 kg)
7.5 lbs
(3.4 kg)
12.5 lbs
(5.7 kg)
17.5 lbs
(8 kg)
Color Range from 2500K to 7100K, plus RGB
Beam Angle 13°, with modifiers for flood and wall-wash
Battery Runtime up to 20 hours
Kits 8-light kit (charging
+ accessory cases)
Single unit
8-light kit (road case)
Single units only Single units only


BB&S Compact Beam Light

BB&S Compact Beam Light

BB&S Compact Beam Lights use a fresnel lens to project a 7, 11, or 14-degree beam angle. Fanless design for silent operation. 97+ CRI tungsten, daylight, or bi-color versions are available.

CBL-1 Tungsten Daylight Bi-Color
Beam angle 7° or 14° 7° or 14° 11°
CCT 2700K or 3000K 5600K 2700K–5600K
CRI / TLCI 97+
Power draw 41W maximum
DMX Wired 4-way controller available


BB&S Force 7 Leko

BB&S Force7

The Force 7 Leko has an output equivalent to 750W tungsten fixtures, and works with industry-standard lens tubes, shutters, and gobos. Exceptionally crisp cuts and patterns are possible when used with EDLT lenses.

Available lenses
ETC Source Four lens tubes are also used with K5600 Jo-leko 800 and 1600 setups, as well as tungsten Source Four fixtures.
Beam Angle
50° EDLT
36° EDLT
26° EDLT
19° EDLT

Force7 Specifications  
CCT 5600K
Power draw (120V) 1.5A / 185W
DMX 512 Wired 5-pin XLR


Dedolight DLED4

Dedolight DLED4

DLED4 kit includes:
  • Barn doors
  • Projection attachment with 85mm lens
  • Iris
  • Framing shutters
  • Gobo holder with patterns
  • Eye set diffusion kit
CCT 2700K–6500K
Beam angle 4° to 60°
Power draw 47W


Prolycht Orion 300 FS

Prolycht Orion 300 FS

The Prolycht Orion 300 FS is a powerful LED spotlight with incredible full color spectrum output. The unique RGBACL color engine provides extraordinary quality and control.

Orion 300 FS  
CCT 2000K–20000K plus full RGB
CRI / TLCI 96 / 98
Power input 100V to 240V AC
Gold-mount (2 batteries required)
Power draw 320W maximum
DMX / Wireless 5-pin XLR
LAN port for ArtNet
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
App control
(Bowens mount)
2x fresnel
Projection lens (gobos, iris, shutters)



LED Tubes

Astera – Helios, Titan, and Hyperion

Astera Titan tube

The Astera Helios, Titan, and Hyperion tubes are the ultimate LED tubes for creative filmmaking. Individually controllable RGBAM pixels can be programmed in patterns or externally, wirelessly triggered. Internal batteries, IP65 ratings, and a plethora of mounting options remove the limits on lighting creativity.

Astera control kit

Our Astera Control Kits bundle the ART7 Asterabox with 5-pin DMX adapter and a tablet with the Astera app.

AX series spotlights and NYX practical bulbs also work seamlessly within the Astera system.

Astera System LED Tubes  
CCT range 1,750K - 20,000K, plus full RGB
CRI / TLCI 96+
Length Helios: 0.5m (21.6")
Titan: 1m (40.7")
Hyperion: 2m (80")
Maximum power draw Helios: 24W
Titan: 72W
Hyperion: 144W
Remote / DMX / Wireless Astera IR remote
Astera App control
Asterabox wireless bridge
Wireless DMX via LumenRadio


Quasar Science – Double Rainbow

Quasar Science 4-foot double rainbow tube

The Quasar Double Rainbow tube doubles the width but keeps the same slim profile that allows LED tubes to fit in a wide variety of spaces. As the name implies, Rainbow tubes feature full RGB and color temperature control, along with a pixel effects engine for creative motion capabilities.

Quasar Double Rainbow LEDs  
Color range RGB + 1750-10000K
Power 120V AC
12V DC
Power draw 4 ft: 100W
Wired DMX LAN port for ArtNet, sACN, DMX
Wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; CRMX, W-DMX
Weight 5.7 lbs (2.6 kg)
Mounting Hardware  
"Ossium Rail" (NATO style) Direct 1/4-20"
Slider clamp with 3/8-16"
Baby pin


Quasar Science – Linear LED tubes

Quasar Science Crossfade tubes

Quasar cross-fade tubes have a variable color temperature range from 2000K to 6000K, while Switch tubes have presets for 3000K and 5600K. Available lengths are 1ft, 2ft, 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft.

We carry a variety of tube mounting hardware – single, double, and 4-way bulb holders, as well as modified Kino Flo shells that can fit up to 6 tubes in a 4-foot, 4-bank profile.

We have Quasar Q-LION tubes, too! See Battery-powered LEDs below.

Quasar LED Tubes  
CCT range 2000-6000K (Crossfade)
3200/5600K (Switch)
Power 120V AC
Power draw
(per tube)
1 ft: 15W
2 ft: 25W
4 ft: 50W
6 ft: 75W
8 ft: 100W
Mounting Hardware and Accessories  
Bulb Holders Single tube
Dual tube
Quad tube
Kino Shells 2-foot: 2, 3, or 4 bank
4-foot: 2, 3, or 6 bank
6-foot: 2 bank
8-foot: 2 bank
Snap Grids 2' and 4' grids available


Androokie Magnetic Mounting Kits – Mini Pro, Pro Kit 2

Androokie Magnet mounting kit for LED tubes



Battery LEDs

Aputure MC

Aputure MC 4-light kit

Battery-powered lights that fit in your pocket! RGBWW plus remote app control make these pucks surprisingly versatile. Available in a 4-light kit with charging case.

Aputure MC  
CCT range 3200K–6500K, plus RGB
CRI / TLCI 96+
Power Lamp: 5W
Charging case: 72W
Battery life up to 2 hours (full brightness)
up to 15 hours (minimum brightness)
Wireless control Aputure Sidus App (Bluetooth)


Astera system

Astera system diagram

ALL Astera lights are battery powered! See Astera tubes, the AX spotlights, and NYX practical bulbs.

Our Astera Control Kits include the Art7 AsteraBox, DMX adapter, and tablet with Astera App preinstalled.


Quasar Q-Lion 3x1 kit

Quasar Q-Lion kit

The Q-Lion portable 3-light set is a perfect kit to keep in your back pocket – it's never been easier to quickly add a light exactly where you need it. Kit includes 3 lights, 3 chargers, and 3 baby pins.

Q-Lion Linear Battery LEDs  
CCT 3000K, 4300K, 5600K
Dimming levels 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 10%
Power 7": 5W
12": 10W
24": 20W
Mounting options Baby pin
3/8" thread
Magnetic base built in
Battery life up to 4 hours (full brightness)
NOTE Q-Lion linear LED lights will not charge on a standard USB charger.



LED Practicals

Astera NYX

Astera NYX kit

No bigger than a standard LED lightbulb, NYX practicals contain a CRMX receiver as well as RF and Bluetooth modules for the AsteraApp. It can be powered via lamp socket, USB power bank, or with the Astera NYX PowerStation.

NYX 8-light kit includes:
  • 8 NYX practicals
  • One PowerStation with charger
  • 8 USB power cables
  • 8 cup bounce attachments
Optional NYX PowerStation kit:
  • 8 PowerStations
  • L-track accessories:
    • 8 lamp sockets with harp socket
    • 8 baby pins
    • 8 hangers
  • Charging case
NYX bulbs  
CCT 3200K–6500K, plus full RGB
Power draw 2.1A
Remote / DMX / Wireless Astera IR remote
Astera App control
Asterabox wireless bridge
Wireless DMX via LumenRadio


Quasar A-LED, R-LED, JDR practicals

Quasar practical bulb

Color temperatures from 2000K to 6000K, beam angles from 15° to 40° available – contact us with your needs.


Ushio Colourmax 25° PAR-16 95+ CRI 3000K – 7W (50W equivalent)

Ushio PAR-16 bulb



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